Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crib bedding

Last friday I finally got a crib for baby Alayna(due May 2008) and so I put it up so I could get all the bedding I made on it. Everything fit perfectly so I am pretty happy about it. However, now that cat keeps getting in it so we will have to deal with her...lol Here are some pictures...

Newborn dress and tank top with panties

I finished these outfits last week and they were the first ones I have made so I learned a lot from them. I am ok with how they turned out, though. I have some done at the house I need to get pictures of that I like I little more.

Apple Sac and Rachel Bag

There were a couple people that I just couldn't figure out what to get for Christmas so I got them "gift cards." Gift cards that is for one free homemade item made by me. Those two were my sister and her fiance, which took a couple months to figure out what they wanted. Well, supposedly Macintosh has this "Apple Sac" that is basically just a envelope made out of fabric and this is what my sisters fiance wanted. It was pretty basic so I just got the measurements and made up a pattern for it. The first one I made was about less the an inch too small so I made another two more adding the inchage because his friend wanted one too. Here are pics of the first one I made...(I don't have pics of the second two, but they look exactly the same)

Then this is the bag I made for my sister that ended up being too small for what she needed so I did make another one bigger. I still sent her this one so she has both and likes this one.

Large Tote Bag

My friend Debo (my "We") likes really big totes so she can carry all her stuff and her favorite color is purple. So I took a diaper bag pattern I had and tweaked it into this...

If I have it to do all over again I wouldn't use as stiff of an interfacing but it is ok. She likes it and is getting good use out of it between school and work it goes everywhere.

Some PJ pants and a Sleeper

I made these pj pants for my cousin Hadley for her b-day and I didn't take measurements. I was hoping they would fit because she is kind of skinny so you never know and they did.

They were lined with a flannel so they would be warm for the winter because she got the in december. It is still kind of cold here is KS...I can't WAIT for the warm weather to come and stay!:)
This is a little fleece sleeper that was for my Hadley's little sister Emeline for her Christmas present.
The pattern said this was size 12-18 months and she was in 18 month at the time. So I was hoping it would fit ok and it ended up being a little long and she had room to grow in it. I know patterns normally run big so that is what I was counting on. This was my first clothes project from a pattern so I am happy with the way it turned out.

Pleatness Bags

I found this tutorial on craftster.org (http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=178244.0) and I REALLY wanted to make one. So I decided to whip up a couple for Christmas presents.

Well, as I was going through the tutorial some things weren't making sense in how they explain so I just made it work my own way. The bags are pretty nice, but I think if I make it again(especially if it is for myself) I will enlarge the pattern. They were a lot smaller than they looked on the original post. The recipients, however, were completely pleased with their bags...which is the only thing that matters.

Music Messanger

My mom is a music teacher and I wanted to make her something for Christmas. However, it is hard to ask her questions to figure out WHAT to make her without her getting suspicous so I just cam up with this. She already has a laptop bag so I figured this would be nice to take papers or books to and from school in. Hopefully she is getting some really good use out of it!:)