Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Apple Sac and Rachel Bag

There were a couple people that I just couldn't figure out what to get for Christmas so I got them "gift cards." Gift cards that is for one free homemade item made by me. Those two were my sister and her fiance, which took a couple months to figure out what they wanted. Well, supposedly Macintosh has this "Apple Sac" that is basically just a envelope made out of fabric and this is what my sisters fiance wanted. It was pretty basic so I just got the measurements and made up a pattern for it. The first one I made was about less the an inch too small so I made another two more adding the inchage because his friend wanted one too. Here are pics of the first one I made...(I don't have pics of the second two, but they look exactly the same)

Then this is the bag I made for my sister that ended up being too small for what she needed so I did make another one bigger. I still sent her this one so she has both and likes this one.

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